Email Verifier

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Email Verifier is a tool created to check email address from a database or a mail list and determine whether the emails are still valid or not. It indicates whether an email address exists or not. Email Verifier performs this procedure without even sending an email message. Now there is no need to send your clients emails to check whether their email addresses are still valid or not. Everything is done automatically. Email Verifier connects to their SMTP server and performs this job for you. The recipient doesn’t receive any messages at all. You have only to select a mailing list or a database. This email validating software allows you to determine more than 80% of "dead" emails.

Watch it in action!

Email Address Verifier is a powerful yet easy to use utility to clean up your mailing list, remove not existed, invalid, and duplicate email addresses.
Free trial allows you to check unlimited number of emails. Download bulk email verifier demo here.
This utility is especially handy for those who have their own mailing lists and want to keep them up-to-date, for those who made up their mind to conduct an email marketing campaign, for system administrators, webmasters, and other advanced users.
Keeping a clean mailing list, that is, to remove undeliverable email addresses is of vital importance, since it is known fact that ISP mail servers block the senders’ email domain for recurring message sending to non-existing addresses.
This utility works extremely fast. But pay attention that its speed depends on the size of your list. It cannot cope with a really huge list just in seconds. The other influencing aspect is your Internet connection and the speed of the Web. To not waste your time during the day, you can easily leave the program to run at night. You can do it in case your list is too extensive.

Email Verifier is a great utility to decrease your Internet traffic. You can verify your mailing list beforehand. It will keep you from sending redundant messages. Moreover, by saving your Internet resources, you will save a great deal of money.

Main Features

  • Email Verifier Chrome Extension
  • Powerful contact list management
  • Possibility to import contacts from ADO/ODBC, Microsoft Excel files, Microsoft Access databases, CSV files and other formats
  • Imports emails from external sources through ODBC/OLEDB: MS SQL, Access, Oracle, Foxpro, Dbase, and Paradox
  • Powerful and easy to use scheduler
  • Setup the scheduler, then minimize the program and forget about it
  • Advanced verification options
  • Possibility to validate more than 50 000 emails per hour
  • Integration with Email Sender
  • Possibility to exports to Text file, Excel, external sources through ODBC/OLEDB
  • Detailed log for every operation