a Pay Attention To Lists That Are Growing Quickly

Pay Attention To Lists That Are Growing Quickly

The best prospects are those that have bought something recently. A rapidly growing list will contain a large portion
of brand new buyers who likely will not have been pounded with direct mail offers from the organization you are renting from.
Fast-growing lists, if on point, can be strong lists for your prospect program. Tailor letters to the lists you’re mailing.
Most direct mailers mail one-size-fits-all prospect packages. This is especially so when one has found a control package.
The “control” package is direct mail jargon for an organization’s most successful prospect package. A prospect package
is a control package if it’s successful and is beating all other prospect packages. When another package proves more successful,
it becomes the new control. But once you have a successful prospect package, make adjustments in the copy to appeal to specific
lists and audiences. When you acquire a list, you are gaining access to a market. Each list has its own unique characteristics. People on a list are united by a particular interest. Your letter should be written to take that interest into account. For example, you might be writing a letter to people who are subscribers to a certain magazine. Reference the magazine in the first few lines of your letter to show you know something about the person to whom you are writing. You’ll need to get the list owner’s permission to do this.