Repackage Successful Appeals And Re-mail Them To The Same Lists

Successful packages can often be repackaged with different techniques, carriers, formats, and graphics and re-mailed through prospect lists that have worked well.

People remember how packages look, not so much the specific words that are in a package. By putting otherwise identical packages in different clothes, such as different looking envelopes, different colors, different paper stock, different graphic layout, most of your readers will assume it’s a different letter. As always, however, be sure to test your different look packages. A change in the way a package looks can dramatically affect returns, up or down. For example, we were using a yellow post-it note very successfully for a prospect appeal we had been mailing for months. We then tried using a light blue post-it note instead, just to change the look and to see if color was important. Our returns dropped 25 percent. In this case, keeping the post-it note yellow was important, because it looked more like a standard yellow post-it note people are used to seeing. So make changes to the look and feel of your successful prospect packages. Constantly experiment. And always test your changes.